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Lions Australia Project

BBQ Trailer

BBQ Trailer: Available for hire or we will do the catering for you - contact 04 1209 5201

Lions is a community service organisation! People join Lions because they want to user their intellect, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm to get things done. This is where you can find out about the range of projects that our Club is currently undertaking:

Lions Australia Project

Toy House

Do you have any good quality toys that are no longer as loved as they originally might have been but could still have a role to play in the life of another young child?

Then we would love to hear from you - we will ensure that they go to a needy child who might not otherwise get a visit from Santa or the Birthday Fairy. For further information contact Derek Best 04 1209 5201

Lions Australia Project

Hands-On Community Service

This activity plays a very large role in our daily/weekly activities list - yard cleanups and general maintenance are undertaken at the request of those community members who are less able to do the tasks themselves.

Lions Australia Project

Lion Mints

Lions Mints come in a variety of flavours - Spearmint, Fizzie, Musk and Peppermint.

Contact Judith Bowra 04 1209 5201 to establish a distribution point in your business.